Youth at Risk

Sea of Friends is a ground breaking program for youth at risk and special needs.

Combining emotional experiences with cognitive processing, each meeting includes an opening workshop, nautical action on the water, and a processing workshop.

Sea of Friends

‘Sea of Friends’ is a fascinating program, using nautical and marine sports to empower those of weaker backgrounds, and to better their chances of integration and prosperity in society.
The program combines sailing and nautical action together with classroom workshops. Its objective is to broaden the circles of communication, and develop the notion of personal and team ‘able-ness’. The program serves a variety of populations – from youth at risk, youth with special needs, to excellence and leadership groups.
Sailing and rowing are well recognised worldwide as an ideal personal and social development platform. Each participant contributes to achieving the boat’s objectives, and together the group cultivates confidence, responsibility, teamwork, leadership, dedication, and self-control. The program is designed and led by top professional group facilitators, teachers and education staff, together with nautical experts.

Program Manager: Mrs. Yali Fogel –


Sea of Friends is an ambitious program designed to empower those of weaker backgrounds, and to better their chances of integration and prosperity in society.

At the heart of the Sea of Friends program stands the interaction of emotional experiences and their processing with cognitive tools. Each meeting combines studio workshops and nautical action on the water. The marine environment summons challenging experiences, such as:  moving from solid to unstable grounds, control of a vessel, decision making under uncertainty, and coping with the undesirable.

The group learns to work together and operate a variety of vessels:

  • Swallow Sail Boats – crew oriented
  • Kayaks – singles and doubles
  • Dragon Boats – crew paddling
  • Optimist  – single handed Sail Boats

The goal is to broaden the circle of communication, and the sense of togetherness and team spirit. We believe each one has a place in this circle, and dialogue and discussions are the most important problem-solving mechanisms. They prevent misunderstandings, broaden the person’s awareness of himself and his environment, and ultimately better us as members of the community.

The framework – the fact that the group meets on a fixed times, no matter rain, wind or sun – fosters a sense of trust and confidence among its members. The process is led by top professional group facilitators, coaches and teachers. The sequential experiences of success plant confidence and self-assurance in the heart of each and every participant – that s/he can achieve and succeed beyond their expectations. As these experiences of success occur within a social context, they boost and transform both her/his self-esteem and their group dynamic and socializing capacity.

The Sea of Friends program has been running since 2007 continuously, and receives great acclaim from the children, parents, medical, educational and welfare professionals.

Program Manager: Mrs. Yali Fogel –

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Please call for details +972-3-6990484, or email us.

We’ll be happy to advise and provide full info about the program, and how to join. The program can be tailored to your group’s specific need. We partner with both governmental and NGOs, child care centres and charities.

We need your help! Let more participants benefit, by spreading the word, and helping us reach new audiences: underprivileged kids & youth, who can join, advance & enjoy.