Blind & Visually-Impaired

Dragon Boats training for blind and visually-impaired –

the ‘CanVelo’ (Yes & No) project of the Israel Guide Dog Centre for the Blind.

Join an active nature outdoors marine sport!

CanVelo (Yes & No)

CanVelo is a ground-breaking outdoors sport program for people with visual impairments. In this sports for the blind initiative of the Israel Guide Dog Centre, each blind (or visually impaired) participant is accompanied by a participant who can see. 

The teams practice Dragon Boat paddling once a week on the Yarkon River, in a natural, open air, outdoors environment, and develop high-performance skills – including racing (and winning!) national championships V’s regular teams.

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The CanVelo team includes blind (or visually impaired) man and women, together with able-vision man and women, of all ages. The team meets for a weekly training, and participates in national and international competitions.

Come and try – fall in love with a unique and challenging outdoors team adventure!