Parkinson’s Desease

Group boat training for people with Parkinson’s and their families – try it for free! Recommended by doctors, paddling strengthens body core muscles, and improves patients’ function. Based on visual & auditory External Cues, LSVT BIG movements.

The Park Paddlers

Parkinson’s disease affects motoric capabilities. Exercise helps preserve strong muscles, improve mobility, and improve brain functionality. Research has shown that physical exercise can help patients maintain better control of their condition.

In rowing/paddling training for Parkinson’s patients, the emphasis is on improving static and motoric balance, motion initiation, motion timing, and back rotational motion.

Paddling, as part of your exercise program, is an effective workout that helps improve Parkinson’s Disease symptoms. Many of the body muscles are put to work simultaneously – this contributes to strength retention, balance, coordination and cardio. The nature of Dragon Boat training fits ideally with the recommended treatments: working by visual and auditory external cues, LSVT BIG movements, as well as continuous core muscles workout.

The Park Paddlers team was established by Mr. Ofer Paz, an athlete, a rowing instructor, and a Tel Aviv University physiotherapy student. The program is tailored for Parkinson’s patients, and received great acclaim from senior doctors and hospitals’ motion therapy clinics.

Join this pioneering boat training program for Parkinson’s patients and families.  Please call +972-3-6990484, or +972-50-8686670 Program Manager, Mr. Paz.

Parkinson paddlers on the Yarkon

Get Started

Try it for free: call +972-3-6990484, or email us.

Fridays 07:50 – 09:30, at the Daniel Rowing Centre, 2 Rokah Ave. Tel Aviv, free parking available. 1st time free – no commitment, then-after ILS165 per month. 

You’ll learn to paddle and control a traditional Chinese Dragon Boat. You’ll use most of your body muscles, and improve coordination. You’ll enjoy an uplifting nature outdoors team-sport experience. See you on the water!