Our rowing program for autistic kids & adults aims to provide participants an enjoyable, consistent, outdoors sport experience. Join us to learn rowing, oar & boat operation, have fun, and advance according to individual capabilities.

About the program

The program is divided to 2 groups on the autistic spectrum:

Low function – ages 14-20, rowing swallow boats, with an instructor per participant. Each lesson begins and ends in the classroom, briefing and debriefing. Non of the participants speaks, but some do communicate aided by a parent or an iPad. All have difficulties is planning motions, and are assisted in performing the rowing sequence.

High function – youth, training on quad rowing boats with an instructor. They can also row singles. Group rowing adds an element of cooperation. It’s challenging, and great fun. 

Get started

To book an intro, please call +972-3-6990484, or email.

Each group trains once a week. Session includes physical and social exercise, in a stimulating rich nature environment.

The program is open to people on the autism spectrum, 12 years old and above, subject to an intro meeting with the candidate and parent, and at the discretion of the Daniel Rowing Centre.