Para-rowing / disabilities

 Home to Israel’s Paralympic squad, the Daniel Rowing Centre provides a world standard facility for rowers with physical disabilities. Rowing is suitable for a range of disabilities – for pleasure, for rehab, and as a hi-performance sport.

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  • Intros and lessons for beginners
  • Coaches experienced with a wide range of disabilities
  • Support of physical, mental, cognitive and social rehabilitation
  • Build endurance, strength & coordination
  • Cutting edge equipment
  • Maximal accessibility to boats and waters
  • Well-equipped gym, showers and saunas
  • Collaboration with Beit Halohem, IPC and more

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Please contact us for an intro: call +972-3-6990484, or email.

Rowing is an accessible sport, suitable for various levels of paraplegics, visual impairments, blind, audio impairments, deaf, and many more. Whether you’re interested in sport as a lifestyle choice, rehab support, or for competitive hi-performance – you’ve reached the right place!

The Daniel Rowing Centre coaches and staff have many years experience of working with people with disabilities. The national para-rowing team is coached by Paola Grizzetti, a world leader in the field.