NEWSLETTER (December 2016)

Dear friends and supporters,

A new year starts soon, ambitious plans are in the making, and The Friends of Daniel for Rowing Association is gearing-up for more impact.  2017 will see a significant increase in the support we provide our national Rowing Team Israel. We are adding new promising athletes to our grants program, and the plan is to provide them the best possible facilities and training camps, both in Israel and abroad.

One to watch: Nurit Bezdesky  19th Maccabiah Gold Medallist, she is ranked 20th in the world in the Under 23 category, and holds Israel’s best time in 2,000 meters for women. Click for video.

In 2017 we will need your support even more, as the numbers have increased for those participating in programmes such as the Sea of Friends program – for children of underprivileged backgrounds (click on link for more information), Youth at Risk, people with disabilities, and those with special needs.

Please consider giving a Hanukka gift – here is a suggested list for you to choose from. We need your help!

Gifting subscription fees for an individual athlete

1 month        ILS   300 /   $ 75

3 months      ILS   900 /  $225

6 months      ILS   1800 / $450

12 months    ILS   3600 / $ 900

Gifting a pair of high performance oars for the Israeli national team:

ILS 4,000 / $ 1,000

Gifting the participation of one underprivileged child in a Sea of Friends program for 1 year:

ILS 5,000 / $ 1,250, or 6 months ILS 2,500 / $625

Gifting specially adapted rowing equipment, for a paralympic or disabled rower:

ILS 10,000 / $ 2,500

Gifting a training camp abroad, for an individual Team Israel athlete:

ILS20,000 / $ 5,000

Please find attached the instructions for making a donation payment. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further info. Thank you !

From all of us at the Friends of Daniel for Rowing Association – wishing you and your families a very happy Hanukka, Christmas, and a fantastic new year!

Nurit Bezdesky rowing