Hayarkon Dragon Festival


Join an ancient Chinese tradition – celebrating boating, culture and sport.

Dragon Boat races for groups, companies, families and the general public.

Open to all – book your boat now +972-3-6990484

A festival?

Yes, a dragon boats festival, just like in China. Come and race in the dragons – you can do it! Pre-booking required.

A huge party on the bank of the Yarkon, free for spectators.


May 2018, 07:00-14:00

(exact date to be confirmed)


Daniel Rowing Centre, 2 Rokah Ave. Tel Aviv

Free parking at the Reading Parking Lot


Everyone! Ages 8 to 120

How much?

ILS1,500 per team of 11 participants (ILS1,100 kids team).
Includes 1 training session + festival competitions.
Free to spectators and visitors!

I’m in!

Book your boat at +972-3-6990484 (card\cheque\cash\wire accepted), sign the group reg form & personal forms (links below), please don’t forget to read the event’s regulations. Pick a training date – have fun!

Races by Category

Kids & Youth




The legend

The Dragon Boats origin in Chinese tradition goes back 2,300 years. Qu Yuan was a Chinese poet and minister, during the Warring States period of ancient China. He is known for his patriotism and as a loved poet. Qu Yuan waded into the river holding a rock in order to commit ritual suicide, as a protest against the corruption of the era, and the misery of his fellow countrymen. Villagers rushed to save him, racing their boats to the middle of the river, but were too late. In order to keep the dragon and evil spirits away, they beat drums, splashed the water with their paddles, and threw rice, both as a food offering to Qu Yuan’s spirit and also to satiate the dragon. Racing to search for his body in boats became a cultural tradition, with annual Dragon Boats Festivals.

The festival day

Team leaders meet at 7am for briefing, and to receive harbor passes for their crews. Crews meet at 7:30, board the boats and advance to river positions. The traditional opening ceremony starts at 8:30 – painting the dragons’ eyes, throwing rice to satiate the dragons, and announce the beginning of the party. 1st race launched at 9:00. Then races in all categories throughout the day, followed by a grand flotilla of all boats together. During races, party on the river-bank: beer, music, activities & fun. After announcing the winners, medals and prizes ceremony closes the festival. Crews, make your team costumes! For a crazy, colourful carnival. Prizes to best costume team!

Have a team?

To book your boat, please call +972-3-6990484, or email.

Subject to availability, 1st come 1st served! Each group must have exactly 11 participants, and you can reg more than 1 group. All welcome – groups of friends, families, workplaces, classes, schools, kids & youth, as well as women-only teams. Please check the event’s regulations for more details.