NEWSLETTER (April 2016)

Dear friends and supporters,

Thrilling times, many great news to share –

Rio 2016: The Olympic and Paralympic  games are getting near. Three of our athletes have already qualified, and our quad boat will be trying to meet the criteria and win their tickets – this Friday in Italy. Our single-scull champion Dani Fridman, will race his qualification test in May. It’s going to be a hot summer!

Environment: Two days ago, The Daniel Rowing Centre, in a unique cooperation with Amutat Zalul, launched the national ‘Clean Beach Week’.

Watch this incredible amazing video.

Dragons Festival: Our annual boating carnival will be celebrated on May 20th, with Tel Aviv City Mayor and the Ambassador of China as our guests of honour. 400 people will be racing in groups, and many more will party on the banks of the Yarkon. Please join us, if you can – opening ceremony at 08:30. Watch the video.

Champion Immigrants: Many new rowers have joined us recently, including some very highly skilled new immigrants. Watch this French TV video.

Parkinson’s Special Needs: Yet Another project for people with special needs was launched at the Daniel Rowing Centre earlier this month – a training program for people suffering from Parkinson’s. The program was endorsed by top neurologists in Israel, including major hospitals Parkinson’s Movement Disorders Clinics. If you know anyone who may benefit – please do ask them to come and try (free). Call 03-6990484 ext 0.

Finally, we wish you a Chag Pessah Sameah – may you and your loved ones be blessed with good health, good fortune, love, peace, prosperity and joy 🙂