The FDRA supports the Daniel Rowing Centre, advances the sport of rowing in Israel, provides for high performance athletes, and supports DRC programs for youth at risk and people with special needs.


Teamwork, Excellence, Inclusion

Founded in 2004 by Daniel Amichai’s mother, Mrs. Linda Streit, and family, the FDRA works to ensure the thriving of the Daniel Rowing Centre as the home of Israeli rowing, and as a centre for nautical education. The FDRA supports the development and career of high performance athletes training at the centre. In addition, the FDRA supports the DRC outreach programs for underprivileged communities, and those with special needs. In Particular, the charity supports the ‘Sea of Friends’ project for youth at risk. The FDRA is an Israeli reg. charity 580419349, 46A approved.

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Receive our quarterly newsletter:

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The FDRA is governed by a board of directors, has an external auditor, complies with all rules and regulations relating to charities in Israel, and approved for section 46A, allowing for tax deductible donations.

We need your help! To strengthen Israel’s national rowing team, and to extend the outreach programs for youth at risk and those with special needs.

Join our mission – rowing for a better Israeli society!