Daniel Amichai Marcus

The Daniel Rowing Centre is named after Daniel Amichai Marcus, a promising rower, who died at 21 in a car crash. Daniel was an inspiring athlete. He loved life and people. His giving nature and pursuit of excellence continue to thrive at the DRC.

The Daniel Rowing Centre is named after Daniel Amichai Marcus, who was killed at the age of 21 in a traffic accident, with three of his best friends: Mosh Miller, Avi Levi and Eran Farchi.

Daniel was born in England where he spent the first years of his life. At the age of six he immigrated to Israel with his parents and sister. The family lived in Ramat Hasharon and Daniel attended the local schools. At the age of 16 Daniel was accepted to Carmel College near Oxford. Living in England enabled Daniel to spend time with his loving extended family. During those years Daniel developed his rowing skills. He was chosen to be the captain of his school’s rowing team, and he led it to great achievements. Daniel returned to Israel and exchanged the River Thames for the Yarkon River. He started training at the Tel-Aviv Rowing Club. He was a talented rower with Olympic ambitions, and a successful athletic career predicted for him.

In 1991 Daniel was recruited to the army and served as an air force meteorologist. After one year, Daniel was promoted to course-coordinator. At Daniel’s funeral his commander said that he performed all his duties responsibly and diligently, and that he was well appreciated and loved among his fellow soldiers. He will always be remembered as the one who livened up the social life in every base he served.

In November 1993 Daniel spent a wonderful holiday with friends in Eilat. On their way home along the Arava road, near Ein Yhav, they were tragically killed in a horrific car accident. After their death, a video that Daniel and his friends filmed during their holiday was found in the car. Daniel is seen in one of the scenes calling proudly: “I’m a rower!”.

Daniel was a handsome and lively young man, who knew how to enjoy life. His family and friends will always remember how he touched the lives of whoever knew him throughout his short life.  Rowing played an important part in Daniel’s short and active life.

Daniel’s family decided that establishing a young and lively sports centre would be a fitting way to commemorate Daniel’s life, and to bring his dreams to action.

His giving, open and friendly nature, along with his commitment to excellence – these will forever serve as the core values of the Daniel Rowing Centre, and as an inspiration to all athletes.